Strong Enough

If you want me to hold your hand for a while
If you need me to say it’s OK and just smile
If you hold on too tight for a warm, squishy cuddles
I’m strong enough to help you through all of life’s muddles.

If you ask me to lie to your strict, workshy boss
If you beg me to agree, then argue the toss
If you urge me to steal from the unreachable shelf
I’m not strong enough to be untrue to myself.


Is it True?

Ten tiny fingers in lots of pies
and a pair of bright, twinkling eyes
It’s true there’s no greater sight to behold
than the face of your own two-year-old.

Cute, small, chubby hands and feet
and a beaming smile that’s oh-so sweet
It’s true there’s no greater sound to hear
than your child’s laughter, free from fear.

A magical, playful, fun-filled haze
Long hot summers, cold snowy days
It’s true there was no greater round tum
than the one which turned me into a mum.


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