From zero to 100rpm

Today, there are words. One hundred of them, published. And I feel completely overwhelmed. Please read this wonderful post to find out why.

And as if one hundred weren’t quite enough, I’ve dug deep and unearthed some more for you. Plus, I have an unexpected window, having wrapped all my soon-to-be-five-year-old’s pressies for tomorrow.

Newly published ‘for charity’ eBook 100rpm is basically 100 tales of 100 words or fewer, all inspired by music from YouTube, nurtured by the fabulous author Caroline Smailes and resplendent with a foreword from the mighty Nik Kershaw. Available here and with all proceeds being donated to One in Four, supporting victims of sexual violence or abuse, I hope you’ll agree that this has been an incredible project from beginning to end.

Poetry. Not massively a fan, which is quite probably sacrilege of the heartfelt written word. Forced to study poems at school and desperately reading between the lines to find that ‘hidden message’, I was quite possibly turned off for a lifetime. Apart from a shred of empathy with Philip Larkin, who swore a bit. But it’s fair to say, it just aint me. Poetry for poetry’s sake, that is.

Music. Now, *this* is my kind of poetry. And with the added bonus of a twiddly harmony or sixty-three to highlight every syllable. Simply, music IS poetry in my world. I will always be envious of anyone who has this natural ability to create such beauty from, well, nothing but a mind and maybe an instrument or two. In my opinion, it’s the greatest gift ever from Mother Nature and the fact that many share their creativity with the masses is life-changing.

I am, much the same as most, I imagine, attracted to a tune before a set of lyrics. This is the bit that embraces your lugholes first, drawing you in like that creepy little Judder Man in the Metz ad (I still look out for him when the moon is fat). The poetry comes later for me. Once I’ve listened, learned, loved awhile. A tiny space appears in my aural mind to learn the meaning behind the music. And although I do find it hard to cry any more, I smile a whole lot more when witnessing the marriage between the poetry and the tune and I am filled with butterflies each time it really, really works.

Sometimes, I feel a bit cross that I can’t be that clever, talented. But I guess, along with the ability comes inevitable troubled soul syndrome. As much as I yearn to feel inspired, I am thankful for the lack of extreme lows that can come with it.

So, 100rpm was inspired by music and I suddenly feel encouraged to write more shorts based on some of my all-time faves. We will see. For now, though… do buy the eBook if you’re intrigued – it’s chock-full of supremely talented authors (and me!) and here is some poetry at its finest:

Oui 3 – Break from the old routine

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