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So I login to Myspace (after an eternity, trying to retrieve my username and password from the murky depths of my brain) and have a good old chuckle at the ‘me’ of three years ago.

So much has changed since then, particularly the lines of my face.  I would put money on the fact that I’ve visibly aged more in the last three years than ever before.  But in this ‘era’, my social networking habits have equally aged – a fact I am amused by.

The ‘me’ of Myspace was all about the music.  I recall those first few months with much fondness, how I had started a new job after six months of drudgery in my old one and with the discovery of this website, I truly felt I had begun a new chapter of my life.  My profile picture wholly reflects this.  I look younger, more vibrant… and in an office!

Then pregnancy happened.  And with it, my mind took a bizarre turn. Whilst at home with my head over a bowl, unable to eat anything but McCoys crisps (for the salt, I guess?) certain things in my life began to make me feel as sick as a dog.  Myspace was the worst offender.  And so my relationship ended as quickly as it had started.

Then came Facebook. A friend introduced me after I had my son and my first thought was ‘oh no, I don’t think I need another Myspace’.  But I signed up and BANG! I was addicted.  The games, the jovial banter, the camaraderie, the ability to share my pics with friends.  I wondered how I managed without it to be honest.  Until my glorious addiction was marred in an instant by someone so unimportant – it made me wonder just how reliant and addicted I was.

And then I heard about Twitter.  Ten days in and I am just shy of 900 tweets.  But I’m enjoying the fact that you can dip in and out on a whim and not really miss out on anything.  I love getting to know about total strangers through things we have in common.  I love that you get a looking-glass-sized insight into the life of a celeb or two.  And most of all, I love that I can be me.  The old me.

I don’t miss Myspace.  I’ve lost all my ‘friends’ apart from the serious musicians.  I currently don’t miss Facebook, although I miss seeing my friends’ photos and commenting on them.  Twitter, I love at present.  But most of all, I love my real life.  If I meet anyone along the way that naturally ‘fits in’ to my real life, then I will be completely fulfilled.

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