Snow WAY!

It’s ten o’clock at night on the first day of proper snow in the UK and I am already sick of the news reports.

Either the media think the nation is thick OR they’re all a few waves short of a shipwreck.

We can debate ’til we’re blue in the face how the nation is so deeply unprepared for a ‘flurry of snow’ but isn’t it stinkingly obvious why??? The answer lies in the much-repeated fact (you know the one… it’s said with a funny Gromit-esque expression)… this is the worst snowfall in 18 years.

So… how exactly is a nation that gets one heavy snow day every 18 years expected to BE prepared???

The reason so many other countries cope so much better is because their weather is either predictable or consistent! They might have a decent few weeks of snow during their winters, maybe months, which means their economy is better equipped to plough (no pun intended) more funds into the preventative measures. They have the resources to cope with the weather because it’s worth their while to do so.

In Britain, just one decent shovel would go rusty after 18 years of sitting propped up against a shed wall, just waiting for that snowfall to justify its purpose!

In countries that expect a lot of snow each winter, people have learned how to get to work without the need for impractical public transport and/or clothing. Who knows, they might even walk or cycle.

Welcome to Britain – the country with the insanely unpredictable climate. Stop comparing us to your staid, predictable countries – you come here for your shopping trips and holidays because you LOVE that ‘fly by the seat of your pants-ness’.

And I for one am thoroughly enjoying the excuse not to go out – unless it’s to build a snowman!

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