Do minds ever really 'meet'?

It’s a bit early in the day for me to be thinking about this, but it was rattling about in my brain last night so I thought I’d ask you!

Most of my good friends, I’ve known since I was Young*.  I consider myself incredibly fortunate that, after all these years and all this experience (maybe less of this), I still love them dearly and have loads in common with them, enough to sustain a meaningful relationship without feeling the effort isn’t worthwhile.

Over the years of adulthood, I have been blessed with a handful of friendships.  Probably just the right amount to be manageable for me!  But on two or three occasions, I have made the acquaintance of someone so inspirational and remarkable that I have actually considered these ‘meetings of mind’ are meant to be.  You know, kind of written in the stars.

From the time of meeting and through the subsequent days/weeks/months, I have been almost reborn.  I have felt positive and clear-headed.  Focussed and driven.  Absolutely certain that my life is being moulded as I want it to be.  All because of that chance meeting with someone who just ‘gets’ me.  And who thinks the same way as me.

So, why is it then that these amazing and almost indescribable relationships seem to end so abruptly, leaving me wondering if I imagined the whole thing?  Could it really be true that friendships happen for a ‘season, reason or lifetime’?  If you’ve never read this once popular email circular, do look it up.  There seems to be some truth to it.

Are these extra-special relationships designed to be short-lived?  To teach us a little lesson about ourselves and move on, feeling motivated?  Am I too greedy, wanting them to stick around?  Why shouldn’t we have room in our lives to keep hold of them, cherishing them forever?  Is that really a selfish thing?

Could it be possible that minds never truly ‘meet’ but more that one implants subtle suggestions into another, allowing them to achieve happiness and greatness for themselves?

What do you think?

*Young was my maiden name.

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