Holy Calpol… I'm a mummy!

Ok, so my son’s actually 19mths old now but it’s just one of those facts that suddenly hits you in the face when you least expect it.

I will concur that having a child is probably the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience.  But it also makes you more neurotic, hormonal, emotional and intensely worried than ever before.  I reckon that even for those devoid of emotion, having a child must remedy all that.

I am really struggling in one area of parenthood (not just one, you understand, but the one being highlighted right now.  By me.) and that’s remembering not to swear in front of the baby.  My boy doesn’t say anything at the moment, apart from something that sounds like ‘ogre’ – clearly NOT a reference to his mummy – but he IS learning and understanding more by the day.  And I find it almost impossible not to say ‘fuck’ when something really annoys me.  Or when I stub my toe/arch of my foot on a pointy plastic car.  The trouble is, if I don’t curb the cussing NOW, James’ first word could very well end up being ‘fuck’.  Ooops.

Being a mummy is also pretty darn scary.  You’re so responsible for this little person, 24/7.  I’m not certain I was ever even responsible for myself 24/7 if I’m honest.  But it’s not any kind of sacrifice.  Having an extra household member never felt ‘different’ to either me or my hubby.  It just felt right somehow.

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One thought on “Holy Calpol… I'm a mummy!”

  1. I learned this one just before Anna turned 2 – I was coming out of Tescos with the two girls (Cara was just a teeny baby) and it was raining. I said “Shit!!!” and Anna pipes up “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit ….” with a gleeful look on her face.

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