About me

Jill of all trades, mistress of none, I’m just your average overweight, slightly wrinkly procrastinator, surrounded by extraordinary beauty and inspiration.  Often, overwhelmingly so.

I am officially in my fifth decade, divorced with two sons – one who’s eleven years and one just eight, blissfully enjoying the love and company of the better half of my soul, living in the small town in which the saying, ‘Paint the town red’ originated, but with a slight hankering to move, en masse, to the heart of the Lakes.  The people I’m proud to call real friends continually surprise me with kind gestures and unconditional love and support, reminding me of what’s important.  I strive towards doing them justice through what I write.

I work as a Learning Support Assistant in a primary school, in a one-to-one capacity and also deliver tailored PSHE lessons during enrichment time, across all year groups. In my spare time, I am studying a degree in English Language and Literature with the Open University – better late than never! Two years ago, I had an unexpected and profound encounter with the Grim Reaper, but we had a chat and came to an agreement – I recall this time whenever I need reminding that life is full of incredible opportunities.

My background varies from writing a regular column on a local newspaper to charity appeals, PR and marketing, all of which commanded a specific type of writing, allowing my style to diversify. I have gleaned some very useful experience through my working life to date.  I remodelled the website of a national charity, writing content and editing a lot of my own work.  Organising a re-brand meant creating new key messages and straplines, leaflets, brochures and display materials – and pulling it all together in one style guide.  Consistency and brand monitoring were forefront.

In my personal life, I am easily pleased, although often frustrated.  Music both drives and uplifts me and I use this to ensure my journey in life is as smooth as possible and as my ultimate reset button.

I endeavour to combine my two passions – music and writing – a lot more.  I am able to see a good balance in most things and prefer to steer away from the heavily biased.  I DO, however, have strong opinions on some topics, but always remain open-minded.  I’ve come to realise that fence-sitting, although a pain in the bum, needn’t signify a fear of commitment!  There are some things just not worth the effort of being staunch about.

I’m passionate about language and rely on its written form to embed memories into my soul… although verbal and face-to-face communication is always preferable, I am a daydreamer who loves to relive experiences.  When my memory fails me, the written words remind me. And make me smile, time after time.

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Opening up, towards the sunshine